As a photographer, pediatric occupational therapist, and mom for over 30 years much of my life has been spent playing with children! The present voyage in my life is to offer all of our special kiddos an authentic, fun adventure which I will capture for memories….because we do forget those moments that we find our self saying, “I will never forget”….. but we do. My touch with so many special children makes this experience a joy, as often photo sessions are ‘too much sensory’ for them to endure.

Spending most of my years in the beautiful city of Austin, Texas I was a part of the early music scene, photographing the up and coming musicians, album covers, and contributing much to the local media. I then beached it for a few years in the tropical islands of St. Thomas and St. Croix where I married my first ‘love’ from 2nd grade forty five years later! After coming mainland, we stuffed our important treasures into a jeep and headed to the wine country of California, and now am enjoying the warmth of the sunshine state in the quaint town of Dunedin in the Tampa Bay area continuing my work as an occupational therapist and photographer.

Julie Hewitt Salesberry